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In the fourth day of our trip, we are really very impressed the beauty of the split island as well as the dark green forest will be surrounded by the island well so it will give amazing scenic location. We are enjoying swimming, Dalmatian Cuisine and Sailing boat is rally very amazing treat to our eyes. Sibenik Next day we reach the Sibenik is the vary hottest tourist spot for all visitors here we enjoy the various types of events especially here we take the Yachting service at affordable cost to enjoy the amazing ride with your friends and enjoy the party, games and drinks in the boat...

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Day 1: Pula

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Pula is a beautiful city and located on the southern tip of Croatia’s Istrian peninsula. The attractive places in this city are modern bars, boutiques and pavement cafes. It was really a most wonderful time for us to visit and enjoy all those places. The Pula visit was much appreciated by everyone who came with me. Day 2: Zadar We visited Zadar and had wondered about the sea resorts and dramatic scenery where the mountains meet the water. In Zadar, we had a great trip on cruise ship ports that offer access to yacht charter, offshore islands and beaches. We have seen many attractive places...

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A best tourist spot for yacht riding

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People should take a break from their routine life cycle because keep on working will never bring any peaceful or happiness in the life. That’s why it is good to take trip in the vacation or holiday with the family or friends. Some of the best spots in this world help the people to have more fun and it helps them to make unforgettable moments. Even some of the small countries like Croatia have the best coastal line and islands in this world. The Kornati Islands of this European country is very famous and the avid travelers frequently visit this spot on their every year vacation. We went this...

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Tom Doch , Jahrgang 1949 , lebt in Köln Lehre zum Schriftsetzer Weiterbildung in Gebrauchsgrafik, Werbetext, Fotografie Unternehmer mit Druckerei und Werbeagentur Lokalpolitiker Percussionist und Entertainer in verschiedenen Bands Veranstalter von Konzerten, Kultur- und Volksfest-Events Drei Jahre lang verschiedene Tourneen als Clown und Lightmaster einer Rockshow Freie Mitarbeit als PR-Redakteur und Künstler-Betreuer im Popmusic-Business Mitarbeit bei verschiedenen LP-Produktionen Autor und Produzent von Musiksendungen und Radio-Beiträgen Ansager, Entertainer und PR bei Rodeo USA Europe...

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