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People should take a break from their routine life cycle because keep on working will never bring any peaceful or happiness in the life. That’s why it is good to take trip in the vacation or holiday with the family or friends. Some of the best spots in this world help the people to have more fun and it helps them to make unforgettable moments. Even some of the small countries like Croatia have the best coastal line and islands in this world. The Kornati Islands of this European country is very famous and the avid travelers frequently visit this spot on their every year vacation.

We went this spot some days before and here we are going to share some of the best experience we had in our vacation. Croatia is a small country but has the longest coastal line when comparing to other countries. Zagreb is the capital of this country and the Split, Dubrovnik, Hvar and Murter also some of the best tourist spots in this country. On the day one we sailed to the Trogir using the yacht and it was a new experience to us. The travelers can easily hire the yacht from the boat rental agencies. It was a nice place and it has some of the small ponds and then we headed to the Zadar for viewing some of the famous and larger lakes. The visitors are allowed for sailing boat in that spot.

Hvar - beauty of Croatia